Pishwanton Wood

The North European Centre for Goethean Science and Art

img_PishwantonWood_8Pishwanton Wood is a centre for environmental education, research and therapy, which offers opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to renew and deepen their relationship with nature. The Life Science Trust explores ways of integrating agriculture, horticulture, woodland management and conservation activities to create a practical demonstration of sustainable land use. It bases its work on the scientific approach initiated by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and developed by Rudolf Steiner.

Goethean Science and Art, and Biodynamic Land Management



If you wish to advance into the infinite, explore the finite in all directions” (J.W. Goethe 1749-1832).

Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophy is a way of knowing which unites the spiritual in the human being with the spiritual in the universe.” (Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925).

If you wish to find out more about Rudolf Steiner’s ideas and Anthroposophy we highly recommend you to watch the following video The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner (2011) by Jonathan Stedall.



“Filmed during 2011 – the 150th anniversary year of Rudolf Steiner’s birth – this two-part documentary by veteran film-maker Jonathan Stedall tells the story of Steiner’s remarkable life (1861-1925), as well as exploring the influence of his ideas and insights on a whole range of contemporary activities – education, agriculture, medicine, social and financial issues, and the arts” (Source: www. waldorftoday.com).

The practice of Goethean Science is a way of reading and learning from nature, discovering what that means to each individual, and thereby enabling people to learn and experience for themselves. It involves a systematic cultivation of sensory experiences, imagination, inspiration and intuition within a holistic scientific methodology.

We offer those who come here the chance to learn new skills while engaging in meaningful practical work. We have a unique specialization in full-time education in Goethean Science and Art in the English speaking world. We offer a two year full-time course to learn the practice of Goethean Science and Art through empirical observation in our 60 acre (27 hectare) woodland. Please get in touch with us if you want to find out more.

Dr. Margaret Colquhoun teaching Goethean Science and Art

We offer a wide range of new courses on different topics and in short and long term basis.

Green Building

We are proud of the buildings designed by Christopher Day and erected on the site.

These buildings are the outcome of a careful process of landscape study and consensus design led by Margaret Colquhoun and architects Christopher Day and Richard Shorter. They include the Craft Workshop, with its magnificent turfed grid-shell roof, the Cruck Barn.

The Crescent Barn, and the Goethean Science Building, which serves as a teaching and herb processing space. This building features timber construction, the use of sheep’s wool insulation and breathing wall construction, passive solar design, biomass heating and a composting toilet.

The first student chalet is being built in 2015. Currently Malcolm Lemmon a 30 year- experienced eco-builder and Lawrence Carlisle are working in the construction of this chalet.

Just recently Malcolm and Lawrence have finished the structure of the first student chalet at Pishwanton. This was phase 4 consisting of framing and building the basic structure for the roof. Next stage will be phase 5, this stage will include external larch timber cludding, roof-turf-covering, windows and doors, and insulation. The last phase will be 6 and will consist of the interior finish, including a wood stove and interior fittings. We are looking forward to get more funding required to finish phase 5 and 6.

Would you like to help us to complete this project?

Come along and meet us!

Pishwanton Wood is open to the public on week-days 10 am to 4 pm.

Enjoy the quietness and openness of Pishwanton Wood.

We are looking forward to meeting you! Visit us either just for a walk, or by appointment if you would like one of us to show you round; and if you like what you see come and join the hundreds of students and volunteers who have contributed thus far to this unique project.

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