Training in Goethean Anthroposophic Natural Science

Training in Goethean-Anthroposophic Natural Science


images (2)The training is addressed to everyone who wants to deepen their relationship to Nature through a broadening of the approach to natural science.

Goethe’s scientific methodology enables a way of knowing grounded in phenomenology which leads into deeper understanding of both outer nature and the human being and the relationship between them. Research results of the anthroposophical work of Rudolf Steiner can provide an essential help in orientation.

The aim of this training is that through an independent and methodologically reflective practice a natural science will be expanded to a Goethean-Anthroposophic scientific methodology.

The training lasts for at least two years and is not bound to any particular location.

Each student will be supervised by their own personally chosen mentor.

Mentors are experienced Goetheanists (with their own research projects, publications, seminar activity etc.). They work together within the mentors conference and at an annual working meeting known as (“Campus auf Zeit”) take part in the research community composed of mentors and students together. For both mentioned students participation in the annual working meeting is obligatory.

The training rests on two pillars:

  • A personal research project lasting a minimum of two years on their own chosen subject agreed in discussion with the mentor.
  • Course and Seminar options. Each student, in discussion with their mentor and according to their own individual interests, capacities and the courses on offer, will select an appropriate training programme. This may include courses within the six month published course calendar “Goethe – Anthroposophical nature Study” (see

The programme for the annual working meeting (3-4 days) of the Research Community of students and mentors will be organised by the mentors conference and embraces the following elements:

  • Students presentations of final research results.
  • Presentations from current research of both mentors and students (methodological exchange between students and mentors).
  • A content deepening course for students and/or work on a text.
  • Mentors conference (content rich and organisational parts of training as well as current work and pedagogical/didactical questions).

The working meeting (Campus auf Zeit) is not in principle bound to either a fixed place or time of year. The time and place will be confirmed following a discussion between the mentors conference and the students.

The training is completed when the agreed course programme has been undertaken and the personal research project has been finished and presented.

Towards this, at the end of the first year must be a written or spoken intermediate report presented and at the end of the second year a written final report on the work must be handed in. In addition a final presentation of the work will be given in front of the mentors and fellow students. The student will then receive a certificate of completion.

Cost of Training

  • Anual contribution 1.250 euros/£1,000.
  • Seminar costs/ travel costs/ accommodation costs for seminars (individually costs).

A request for a student loan can be put to Co-ordination Group of the mentors conference.

A stipend project grant which is coming must be organised by the student and mentor together (from a third party).

A written application for the part-time professional training in Goethean-Anthroposophical Natural Science together with a curriculum vitae must be sent to the Co-ordination Group of the Mentors Conference (Jan Albert Rispens, Ruth Mandera and Johannes Wirz).

An application is possible at any time with agreement the study could begin immediately.

Further information:

Katherine Buchanan is the UK contact for this training.
Please contact her at

Ruth Mandera

Jan Albert Rispens

Dr. Johannes Wirz

A list of mentors together with their main working interests can be found at: