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This Spring and Summer We Have New Opportunities for People with Special Needs at Pishwanton Wood!

Sun is shining and we are offering new outdoor opportunities for people with special needs for the warmest seasons of the year.

At Pishwanton Wood we have a  wide experience in looking after people with special needs, with or without their carers.

We offer therapeutic outdoor and indoor activities in a safe, health-giving environment to people of all ages and abilities.

What can we offer?
Through a person-centred learning plan based on a wide variety of skills training opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Supervision and Training for people with behavioural support needs, additional support needs and special needs.

  • Education in Land and Craft Skills.
  • Tailor-made individual programmes
  • A quiet environment to come to peace.
  • Opportunities to practice gentle handwork.
  • A place of good social interaction in a relaxed and tranquil woodland setting.

We strive to ensure the realisation of every individuals potential as far as we are able.

Some of the jobs we do together:
  • Planting trees and caring for them.
  • Felling trees, using the timber in buildings.
  • Constructing fences and woven hedges.
  • Caring for animals.
  • Making a garden.
  • Wool spinning, dyeing, felting, knitting and weaving.
  • Harvesting and processing herbs.




Co-Worker Vacancies at Pishwanton Wood!

Ongoing 2015-16

Land care / management person

Pishwanton Community Wood is looking for a land care / management person.
The land (60 acres of very marginal land) forms the basis of The North European Centre for Goethean Science and Art. It is our classroom, training site and demonstration venue for the study of landscape using Goethean Science and a Consensus Design process resulting in the artistic implementation of buildings of an unique architectural style, gardens, orchards, footpaths, fences, shelter belts and other landscape features.
We would love to hear from anyone with organic or biodynamic small-holding experience who would be interested to help create and implement a long-term management plan for the land to underpin our research and teaching initiative.
The position would suit someone who has completed a biodynamic training and is looking to deepen and diversify their farm / garden / forest experience or someone with farming / gardening background wanting to undertake a biodynamic apprenticeship. The longer term aim would be for that someone to take over the land management based on Goethean Science and biodynamics and to teach others the same.
Please contact Margaret Colquhoun for further information.

Coordinator of Co-Workers

The Life Science Trust is looking for a flexible, adaptable, responsible individual to recruit and support people with special needs, volunteers, and students in our 60 acre land based educational project at Pishwanton Wood in East Lothian (SE Scotland). Familiarity with the work of Rudolf Steiner and/or work in a Camphill community or similar institution would be an asset. Starting now.

If you would like further information and details of how to apply email to :