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Be a successor!

The future of Pishwanton
Currently we are looking for personnel succession to carry the Pishwanton project into a secure and sustainable future.

Some 18 years after its inception, the Pishwanton Project in SE Scotland  is ready to take the next steps towards securing its long-term future.  To this end we are seeking people schooled or willing to learn Goethean Science work with us and who can in due course take on an aspect of running the project, be it in byodinamic land management, supervision of the volunteers and people with special needs who work on the project, finance or in wider project management. Continue reading Be a successor!

Our Friends

Anthroposophical Groups
Anthroposophical Society in Sussex
Anthroposophical Society in Gloucestershire
Art Group of the AS in the UK
Bristol Anthroposophical Group
Southern Region Anthroposophical Group

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International Network

We are the only Goethean Centre in Scotland but we have friends worldwide!
Goetheanum (Basel, Switzerland)

.circular_left The Goetheanum is the centre of a global network of spiritually dedicated people. As the home of the School of Spiritual Science and the General Anthroposophical Society, it serves as a place for exchanges over spiritual issues and trainings in artistic and scientific fields. The events held here range from lectures on special topics to large international confrences. On the stage, local and touring ensembles present Eurythmy, dramas and plays, puppetry, and musical performances. Located in the Jura landscape 10 km south of Basel, the Goetheanum with its expressive architecture, sits on Dornacher Hill. Continue reading International Network

Goethean Science

A Journey of the Goethean Scientific Process with the Art of Consensus Design as practised at Pishwanton


img_GoetheanScience_0The Journey of the Goethean Science process can be regarded/experienced as a journey through the elements to the World Spirit/Logos or Christ being.

Having opened oneself to this Being, which indwells both us and the whole of Nature, indescribable compassion is awoken within us to act for and on behalf of that which is most high in Nature.

At the same time this awakens / touches that which is most high within us. This can be healing, inspiring, overwhelming and also terrifying, and can allow a new sense of morality to be borne in us and hence a renewed experience of responsibility for our actions on earth. Continue reading Goethean Science

Vision and Mission, Aims and Principles

Our Mission

Until comparatively recent times the Earth was regarded as providing mankind with a limitless resource. Coal, oil, gas, water, wood, minerals and countless of other materials could simply be consumed at will for mankind’s economic or personal well being. When one resource ran out it was simply a question of looking elsewhere to find a new supply. Turning up the central heating or travelling half way round the world to go on vacation couldn’t possibly be anything but beneficial. Well, if you can afford it why not have a thousand pair of shoes?

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The Life Science Trust

The Life Science Trust was set up by Dr. Margaret Colquhoun (1947-2017) as a Scottish Charity in 1992 to further the work of Goethean Science and develop this work in the fields of education, the arts and sciences, medicine, agriculture, horticulture, architecture, ecology, philosophy, religion, social development and welfare and otherwise for the public benefit. Key personnel of the Trust were teaching the scientific methods of Goetheanism for some time before the land base study centre was acquired, a research and demonstration base, led to the decision to undertake this project. Continue reading The Life Science Trust