Healing Plants for Human Organs

Healing Plants for Human Organs

Taster days for complementary and other medical professionals  exploring a holistic (Goethean ) approach to science        

Do you know why hawthorn is a heart/ circulation remedy?

Can you read the healing property of plants from nature’s text or interpret the human organs correspondence in the plant world? If you are interested in this approach join us (a Biologist and a medical doctor) in exploring real relationships between human organs and the plant kingdom.

 With Dr Margaret Colquhoun ( of the Life Science Trust, Gifford,

and Dr Michael Evans (of St. Luke’s Medical practice, Stroud.

Saturday 28th April – Wednesday 2nd May (1pm)

At Pishwanton Community Wood,

Longyester, Nr. Gifford, East Lothian,

EH41 4PL.

Fees £450 (Concession £350)

Accommodation B & B          £120

Meals                                        £80

To book or for further enquiries and a full programme + accommodation details

Contact: The Life Science Trust

Tel. 01620 810259

Email: admin@pishwanton.com