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Biodynamic products

Our products have the biodynamic Weleda certification.

From the land
All Elixirs and Cordial (small) £4.00
All jams, Jellies, Chutneys £3.00
Herbal Teas £3.00
Calendula or Meadowsweet Oil £ 15.00
Hypericum Oil £15.00 small £40.00 large
  • By Donald Scott of North Berwick
  • Colour Moods—Land and Seascape
  • £15.00 each framed.
£3.00 pounds each.

New Eyes for Plants A Workbook for Plant Observation and Drawing By Margaret Colquhoun and Axel Ewald Hawthorn Press ISBN 186989085X160

Here are fresh ways of seeing nature on a journey through the seasons with observation and drawing exercises. Simple observation exercises interwoven with inspiring illustrations invite you ‘to see’ with a fresh pair of eyes. This opens a door onto a new way of practicing Science as an Art, using the holistic approach of Goethe.

Please watch this video to have a sense of New Eyes for Plants. Click here.

  • Landscape Our Home £17.00
  • Woodlanders £25.00
Wool from our sheep