Be a successor!

The future of Pishwanton
Currently we are looking for personnel succession to carry the Pishwanton project into a secure and sustainable future.

Some 18 years after its inception, the Pishwanton Project in SE Scotland  is ready to take the next steps towards securing its long-term future.  To this end we are seeking people schooled or willing to learn Goethean Science work with us and who can in due course take on an aspect of running the project, be it in byodinamic land management, supervision of the volunteers and people with special needs who work on the project, finance or in wider project management.

If you need it, we will train you as part of the package. If  you are interested in:

  • bio-dynamic land management, gardening, forestry or farming.
  • supervision, support and training of others working in these areas, including people with special needs.
  • helping to run a unique project in Scotland based on the principles of Goethean Science.

Get in touch with us for further discussion. You can be our successor!